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About Our Studio

The Beginning

Madd5killz Design|Studio, pronounced, you guessed it! (Mad Skills Design Studio) was created by Designer Arel R. Farrington (a.k.a Skillz). He was born and raised in St. Thomas USVI and always enjoyed creative arts. From dancing, drawing, and graphic design, to drafting/interior design, and crafting.

His jewelry design started off as a hobby, creating fun and unique personal Jewelry Styles. This quickly became a passion and desire (with support and motivation from his loving wife Tanisha) to share his designs and creations with all who enjoy well made, affordable and unique jewelry that can be worn for any occasion!

The Mission

 We want to provide our customers with unique, beautiful and high-quality Jewelry pieces that are also affordable! Above anything else, customer satisfaction is our priority.

We want our designs to not only reflect the beauty of the Virgin Islands but also the incredible planet that we live on. The earth produces such beautiful and attractive stones as Tiger Eye, Agate, Lava Stone, Jasper, Sodalite and many others. We want our customers to feel like they can wear the world on their wrists!

We use semi-precious stones and metals, among various other materials to put together our unique and stylish designs that can cater to anyone’s individual style.

Did You Know?

For Centuries many people have applied meanings and abilities to stones such as tiger eye, onyx, jasper, etc. Attributing these stones to doing things like taking away negativity, stimulating the mind, bringing tranquility or giving strength. We respect these beliefs, however, our studio's vision is quite different.

We believe that each one of us as human beings has the strength and ability to empower ourselves and push through adversity, as long as we put our minds to it! We believe that humans are wonderfully made and we all have beautiful attributes within us, that we can cultivate.

We want to bring focus to the fact that these beautiful gemstones are a product of our earth’s natural cycles. And hopefully, raise awareness for the need to take care of our big blue home.

So, whether we are using these stones to enhance our style, help us remember a promise to ourselves, help us imagine the strength that we already have, or to help us visualize a goal that we want to achieve, at the end of the day , we are all capable of changing our lives for the better. And of course, we can attribute the beauty of these stones to this wonderfully created planet!
Are you ready to join us on this exciting Journey!? Please feel free to ask us questions about our studio or anything thing else via our e-mail: info.madd5killzdesign@gmail.com


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Beautiful Islands. Beautiful People. Beautiful World.

Beautiful Islands. Beautiful People. A Beautiful World.