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Measure Your Wrist

Have you found the perfect bracelet but now you have no idea what size you should get? Well, don't worry we've got you covered with our how-to instruction Guide! When measuring your wrist, stay as close to your hand as possible, making sure to wrap your tape around the wide section of your wrist where your wrist bone is, like this

(In the Video the measuring tape starts from zero others usually start at the end of the metal tip like the one shown below)

The circumference in the video & picture is 7.0 inches / 18.0 centimeters.
Don't have a measuring tape? 
Use a piece of string or paper to measure your wrist. After wrapping it around the wider part of your wrist, lay it out on a ruler to get your measurement in inches or centimeters. Be sure to make a note of where the end of the paper or string meets the rest of itself.

Another option is to go to a local jewelry store and have them measure your wrist for you.

When ordering

When you are placing your order make sure to tell us the exact number on the measuring tape, we will make sure your bracelets will have a perfectly tailored fit. 
You can specify your wrist circumference in either centimeters or inches.
Be sure to also specify whether you prefer your bracelet a little looser or tighter. We want to make sure you are totally comfortable!
Here's an example of what this information would look like at check out. In this example, the info would come to us as 7 inches with a looser fit.

 Feel free to contact us if you get stuck!