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Cleaning & Care

Our Studio Pride's Itself on the craftsmanship of our designs. But still, it's very important that you take good care of your bracelets and other pieces. By taking care of your bracelets and other jewelry you'll be making sure that they will last you for years at a time!


Cleaning Stones

After wearing, wipe off your bracelet with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth. Neither stones or metals should be cleaned with cleaning materials such as household cleaners or chemicals. Doing so can damage and/or discolor stones or cause skin irritation among other things. At most a damp cloth can be used on the stones. 
This will remove just about any dirt or oil build up. Remember to clean between the stones as well. As they rub together, they create light dust around the holes. Simply wipe that off being careful not to rub too hard against the elastic and you are good to go.

 Cleaning Metals. 

Using straight rubbing motions and not circular ones is better for the surface of the metal. The same principals will apply as with stone and wood of not using harsh chemicals such as cleaning agents.
A Metal Jewelry polishing cloth is a great and possibly the best option for cleaning metal pieces without harsh chemicals or damaging your jewelry.

Cleaning and Polishing Wood

For bracelets with wood accents be especially careful not to use too much water. Our wood pieces are sealed with natural oils before shipping, to make them quite water resistant. But prolonged exposure to water and humidity may damage the wood's surface.  Using a natural oil such as coconut or olive oil is a great way to reseal and polish your wood accents.
Some accents are varnished which puts a protective coating on the wood. Those simply need to be wiped off in order to keep them clean. Using a microfiber cloth to rub beeswax onto the wood is also an excellent way of shining and sealing your wood pieces. This will enhance the color and durability of the wood.


Wearing Tips

Put your bracelets on last, after cosmetics, perfume, hairspray and other chemical substances that can be corrosive to your jewelry pieces. These can cause unwanted buildup and skin irritation.
We recommend that you don’t wear your jewelry while bathing, sleeping or while taking part in sports activities. This is to your discretion. Most of our bracelets will be just fine during activities like working out in the gym, walking, biking, or even running. Just keep in mind that sweat is a liquid and this will get oil and dirt on your jewelry much more easily.
When not wearing your bracelet store it separately from other jewelry in the box or plastic pouch we provide. The plastic or velvet pouches help to keep air out and will prolong the life of your jewelry. It also helps to keep your metal shiny.  Be sure also to keep them away from direct sunlight and intense heat when not in use.


Follow these care tips and tricks and your Madd5killz Design|Studio Bracelets & Jewelry will last for years to come! If you have any further questions about taking care of your bracelet fill out the contact form below and we would be delighted to assist!